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Saturday, February 21, 2009

On Finding Wildness...

I just found a site, Illustration Friday, that interests me. A sketch each week is posted to a new theme. This week's theme is "Intuition". Now as an illustrator and naturalist I find this fun and challenging on how to interpret "intuition".

At the time I decided to take part in this weekly scramble of illustrating a topic I pondered the idea of posting an illustration a day on this site. It may be too much to do one sketch a day, (although it's been done before by many artists online). So I will attempt one a week and then may-y-ybe move to one a day.

Yesterday I began my quest of a unique thing to share on my blog and find something to draw. But as the life of a mother and busy artist, I started off in the nature-filled county park in Clarkston delivering work and ended up in Detroit tending to my sick daughter around noon.

As I drove my thoughts turned to: "What will I see and possibly draw on such a busy day?"

Out my daughter's back window on Beaubien Street, in the heart of Detroit, grew an island of true wildness. Nature managed to find here a place to hide, to grab on, taking hold amid the helter skelter of city life. This was perfect for my first sketch; "Detroit Wilderness".
Staghorn sumac holds a crow nest, box elders cradle a leafy squirrel nest not far above a jumble of brick and cement. The color in this drab scene was pink insulation topping off the scraped together pile like icing on a wild urban cake. I wish now that I had had more time to invesitgate the scene and find more artifacts.
And as I drove away and headed back home to deer, fox, and pines, I remembered the scene and was remined of this week's Illustration Friday's theme of "INTUITION"!

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