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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Migizi-giizis Eagle Moon

Eagle Moon,February,a time of cold, biting winds yet you know the promise of spring is around the corner---hiding behind each tree.

On the day of the Backyard Bird Count I sat for all of maybe 15 minutes. Cardinals and finches hopped in and out of the wind. Then---time's up. We all go back to work. With the cold and gloominess of the weather it is easy to get alot of work done. OK I need to do better than that for crying out loud!

So the day when the temps soared last week, we ran outside excitedly with jugs and spiles and looked for that tree hiding spring. There it was, a red maple. The sap poured from the hole in the tree waist high. Spring in a bottle! It flowed with gust until the sun set.

Cranes dance in the field by day and geese honk by night overhead. Spring brought in on wings whether by sunlight or starlight, it comes. Open water nearby brings bay ducks it looks like, or is it wishful thinking? Then today bitter winds and gray sky shroud the world and we all drop back into hibernation, seeing our shadow again, we nibble on crackers and chocolate and plan warm Florida trips.

For art, I try to get projects started finished up so that there is more time outdoors and adventure. All the year's plans are put in place. With workshops approaching I fill my head with color, textures, and line, gathering inspiration to share with others.

Color, texture, warm cocoa, nuts, and working in flannel and hoody, drinking coffee watching snowflakes spin, spring can wait a little longer because I need more time. Because right now I am a snug dormant seed that will all too soon peek out.

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