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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Livin' The DREAM!

Holy Schmoley! Stop the Presses--OK, STOP my brain! Somebody please.

I can't believe how long it has been since I last blogged. I guess I have been busy. We at Bear Track Studios and Bear Track Press are always busy, but craziness is the word around here. We have just gotten the go ahead to put our HOLLY WILD book series out there in big numbers with offset printing. Offset printing means reediting and revising files--art and word. Lots of work there.

Then enters crazy fun commission stuff--like Paul Bunyan's great-grandkids--that hit the art table last month. Designing woman I am!
"Cookin' Cakes" by Lori Taylor
"And Choppin' Kindlin'" by Lori Taylor
Here are a couple of color sketches as I try to come up with the two brother characters. Still working on final designs--but you get the picture--I have to be in lumberjack mode. Which is great, because I love pancakes and flannel--two of my all time favorites. And axes.

Next, comes a picture book design for Mother Nature. But, not your ordinary Mother Nature--oh, no. Mutha Natcha! Mutha dons leopard print tights, pearls and frilled apron with scarf-wrapped blue hair and cat's eye glasses! Yeah, baby--now that's one WILD mother. And why the heck not? She totally rocks the nature world. I mean, look what we walking-talker humans have done to her. You gotta have a sense of humor to deal with the likes of us--her messy kids.
Mutha N. and her children
Of course, we all have pet projects that we take out from time to time to work on, eh? I don't mean HOLLY WILD Book 3, although I have been researchin', writing' and workin' on that and book 4--but eh as in you understand, right? The project I am working on is the art for a manuscript I wrote a few years back. The research and art from that came from field notes I took back in 1993. About time to get to it I'd say, eh?

Sanilac Petroglyphs Sketch by Lori Taylor

I have been wanting to write on the Sanilac Petroglyphs for a loooooong time. I start and put away and repeat about six times--every year--in September. There is something about September light and color that brings about introspection and drawing.

The story is about a young girl--no tribe in particular--the tribe of walking-talker humans maybe? Otter, I call her now, take a river journey--unintentional--goes through trials, discovers the rock and inscribes her stories on the back of the turtle-shaped sandstone the size of a classroom. I am doing the book in mixed media with pencil drawings of the story. (I can't wait to see the final outcome. It is stacked on the table in pieces at the moment.)
Concept Ink Sketch of Otter in the Cass River
If you are curious, go visit the glyph-covered (etched drawings) rock. Sanilac Petroglyph State Park is near Bad Axe in New Greenleaf Township. There are cool trails to hike and the ground thunders as you step upon soil--covered bedrock. A nice way to spend a fall day--before hunting begins. (I used to help do school visits to the area there of native food production and storytelling)  The area is truly a hidden Michigan jewel.

On Monday, Marie and I took a break and visited Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden. We both fell in love with the gorgeous prairie that hummed with life. Birds and bugs buzzed, the grasses waved and wildflowers showed off their blooms. Fantastic! If you feel stressed out--get thee to a prairie! Quick before the flowers go.

Mae Day Aug. 16, 2012
So you can see why I haven't blogged in so long. Oh, yes, I almost forgot! A new baby! My new granddaughter, tiny Mae Elizabeth Beaudoin made August a truly special month. A new walking-talker human, GeEK grandchild to schnoozle and cuddle!

So what is next on my agenda other than Oakland County Parks & Rec. artwork? A mural for the Pinckney Community Library, finishing up all these projects, time to get outdoors--and of course, babysitting!

Living the Dream! Times Ten!