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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good News, Good News!

In the words of Aunt Kitty in HOLLY WILD: Bamboozled on Beaver Island (Book 1), "Good news! Good news!"

Next month I will be heading to Beaver Island, that unhurried, unspoiled island in the middle of Lake Michigan to finally do a book signing there. Even better, I will be doing this during Beaver Island's Museum Week celebration.

Why is this such good news? Because twelve years ago when I last visited the island, the story that is Book 1 happened to me there and the story I wrote about was Holly's involvement with fictional Museum Week festivities. Holly and her friends happen to be on the island visiting their Aunt Kitty and supposed to be relaxing and in vacation-mode during this time but instead bumble into trouble.

I originally went to Beaver Island twelve years ago to write stories for kids. I wrote and sketched and drove and wrote and drove some more (took my van--gas there is NOT cheap). What happened when I wasn't looking, as when all good things happen, the story happened to me and my daughter and friends. What transpired is a humorous and educational story for kids and adults alike.

Book 1, Bamboozled on Beaver Island will be two years old this October and much has happened while I wasn't looking! Yes, it took a long time to put the book together (23 revisions throughout six years). Wrassling with characters, wrangling with plot, editing,  illustrating and studying how best to get Holly Wild out there to be embraced by kids.

Now I have retired from my "day job" as graphic artist and added book marketing to my now full-time writer and illustrator career. I am working on the new cover and waiting on Book 3 to be finished editing (chomping at the bit) and beginning to start an outline for Book 4 and 5. I never knew Holly was going to go this far! But as I go along I see and hear Holly change and mature during her summer adventure quest and also see how the story will eventually come around full-circle. "How exciting! How exciting!"

Oh, how Holly has grown! Since that day long ago the book and programs have visited schools, libraries and nature centers and more recently the Michigan BSBP, Braille and Talking Book Library will be recording the story read aloud so folks with visual and physical impairments. Good news indeed!

So before that old Emerald Isle boat leaves the dock and to celebrate my return to the island, I am offering a FREE pdf version of that first book, HOLLY WILD:  BAMBOOZLED ON BEAVER ISLAND (BOOK 1) on my website. Read for yourself why Holly Wild is getting kids into the outdoors!