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Friday, February 6, 2009

February is For the Birds

As I go about my day from studio to work space I walk past windows of birds. Waiting to be noticed. Lately there has been a procession of cardinals and strings of juncos. Chickadee sings a spring song and nuthatches on tree trunks honk their horns as if caught in tiny traffic jams.
Michigan Audubon's conference theme is "Michigan's Magnificent Birds" this year. I am excited to go and fill my head with avian knowledge. But what I need more is to get out more to enjoy our marvelous Michigan birds more. Not just for knowledge, but to purely enjoy their being---their song, color, and behavior.
My favorite bird story was about a blue jay that I watched in Mio one day. It ate corn from a deer feeder my father had set up. But the feeder attracted more birds and plenty of squirrels. The jay soon learned that after it made a hawk cry sound, the squirrels and birds would scatter. Then the clever jay hopped down to the feeder to dine.
Join in the Great Backyard count. Do it for yourself and the birds! Maybe they are waiting to see if anyone is noticing. And if you have a great bird tale to tell, let me know.

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