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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Just Like That, A SKWATCH is Born!

Meet the Skwatch Family! Rosco, his baby sister Skwink, Poppa and Ma. The Krypti-Kid Chronicles, is a new series that's been brewing in my north woods brain and after having sasqustches pop up in a few of my books, it seems the time is ripe. In fact, this year during a school assembly I had a young lad request a squatch puppet. Hmm. The kids were intrigued at spotting the squatch in my The Young GeEK's Guide to Getting Outside book as we read it together. The big guy is popular with the little ones!

I've always loved the idea of a Yeti or Sasquatch running around out there. My young son thought he saw one in southeast Michigan once, their presence was reported in the Mio area along the AuSable river and more. Even HOLLY WILD wears a Bigfoot Convention shirt, an event I noticed in being held in Christmas, MI in 2006.

Who doesn't love a good mystery, and even better, deep in the heart of the thick, dark forests of Michigan and other places. Who knows, maybe I'ill set up a Squatch cam here! But until then, this quirky, angsty, pre-teen character has appeared on my sketchbook page and iPad. I will occassionally add his other cryptic pals and videos for you enjoyment as I develop the cast.

Finally, Rosco breathes! It takes illustrators making lotsa, lotsa sketches to develop a hero.
Here is a video of Rosco and family being developed. Fun stuff to watch his face change and become an awesome character. I have been drawing and redrawing him trying to find the look I want and with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, it worked! I love the big lunk. And just like that, a skwatch is born! Note: next time I will record the drawing so you don't have to dislocate your neck.

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  1. Hope you get this. A few years ago, I saw your drawing of the Owl Green Man on Pinterest (I think). There was no indication on that site indicating the artist or if it had a copy right. I fell in love with that drawing and recently used it on a on-line challenge, which caused some problems for me. I had also used it as an article on my blog. I do not sell my finished works but wanted to share the beauty of your drawing. Today, I have finally discovered your name and have added it to my blog under your drawing. If you fell that I have broken any rules, I will with draw the article. Please know, I did not take credit for your work and was asking for someone to help locate the artist. By the way, I live in Dexter, MI, just down the street. My email is