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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bears, Trees, Books, OUR MOVE--OH MY!

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It has been one WILD RIDE for me and the rest of the ladies at Bear Track Studios! In mid-February of this year our lives and business in Pinckney was uprooted and we took up new residence in the MANISTEE NATIONAL FOREST, Bitely, Michigan!
The home to bears, and bogs, and many, many trees! And we all LOVE it here!

"March is Reading Month" was a fun and wild ride for us! Books sold out, flu happened to two Bear Track girls, and top all of this with boxes and BOXES of books and lives scattered about our new, amazing home.

NOW we are settled and we are ready to roll! To celebrate our move we will be offering contests and promotions. So be on the look out for those--we are cooking up a heaping helping of fun summer reading stuff. 

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