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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Language of TREES! Going Within

'Tis the season--to go within. Nature does this going within--naturally! Animals migrate, hibernate, or adapt to the winter season, so why don't we? At a time to conserve our energy and go within, most people are stepping out and the holiday shopping, cards, baking and general running around has folks in a dizzy spin.

This is a time, especially after our first snow, that I slow down and go inside. Because of this going within time it becomes a time that I get air mail, or himmelsbrief ("letters from heaven"). The black and white, or I should say, the gray and brown and white world outside is silent and stark. Trees bare of leaves are interesting and form interesting shapes. It is easy to see how Germanic folks saw runes so readily in trees, especially in the winter months. (I recently saw an art exhibit in Canada where the artist used twigs to spell words.)
Because of my love for language and art, it is easy for runic signs and symbols to catch my eye during the day. I draw down the ones that seem to speak to me. For years I have tried learning runes and it seems every winter is when I am drawn to them. As an artist and writer, I am drawn to the stick shapes, meanings and the idea of a magical alphabet and language that the subconcious mind delights in taking note of. Runes have an interesting history and there is lots written on them. The runes above are the 3rd Aett that deal with human nature and conditions.

Lately, Dagaz and Ehwaz have popped into my mind as I kept running into them during the day. What was my mind trying to tell me? Dagaz (Day) is the rune of the end of a cycle or era, a new day's promise of something better or new by bringing light and transformation into a situation. And Ehwaz ((horse) is the horse or warhorse rune that can bring people together (or split apart) but means you better take control of a situation and create links of goodwill.

To me, runes are the language of trees especially if you look outside. This week I began work on a boreal forest wildlife series of paintings, a large boreal forest piece in addition to a Avian Alphabet/Rune Card set. At a time after book manuscripts were sent out I finally got to play with some creative projects that had been set aside. Hopefully, I will have time in the next few months to complete these. During this quiet time, I review the past year, I create and I listen, to the subject, the medium, the message as it comes out in word and symbol.

During the holiday hustle and hubbub, watch the frozen outdoor world around you for messages in shadow and symbols that appear from nowhere. Collect them in a sketchbook or simply take note of them. They are fun greeting cards from within!

Tiwaz (Tyr the sky god) -Justice! Invoked for courage, honor, bravery in a difficult situation.
Berkano (Birch) -Maternal rune, patron of mothers, children and women's mysteries. Emotional and physical security.
Mannaz (Man) -The people rune. One of cooperation between people for beneficial end.
Laguz (Lake) -Sorcery or sending thoughts. Visualize some in dream time to talk with on an issue honestly and lovingly.
Inguz (Ing god of fertility) -Vessel of creation, doorway to astral world.
Othala (Possession) -Traditions, values, the light of knowledge is carried on.

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