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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Forest Speaks to Those That Listen

Preparing for the winter storm that is supposed to hit--meaning keeping a sketch journal handy and doing a little pre-holiday shopping. The wind is blowing through the pines out my office and it's beginning to rattle the window. Ah, Michigan winter, how vital. A good time to reflect and to reacquaint myself with the first runes.

With my last post having to do with this mystic "air mail", I thought that I would go ahead and drop in the 1st Aett of the runes. These ancient divination runes are called the Elder Runes or "futhark".

This past week the rune, Gebo, is an 'x' that marks the spot. Coming to me at different times throughout the day, I thought I should review this message from my creative unconcious! Gebo, the gift rune, is that of balance and partnership. Use to enhance an exchange of data, ideas, or feelings, whether between two opposing or agreeing forces. As an air element, it moves swiftly in many situations. Honor self-sacrifice (give and take) to have harmony. The crossed twigs do give a feeling of balance and also partnership.

Fehu - is the female rune. The cattle goddess of fertility meaning new beginnings, wealth and possessions. (I have a sketch of this rune with a woman raising her arms to the sky to help me remember its message.)
Uruz - the auroch rune symbolizes the glacier and ice, a rune of determination, fertility and strength. (If you look at this rune it does look like a glacial wall of strength. And I must say that a glacier would be determined in its movement.)
Thurisaz - Chaos! a rune of forces of oppostition. Negative balance in the scales of nature. The shadow self of each person or deity. A rune of fire. (A good way to remember this one is perhaps a guillotine sliding downward--just a suggestion :)
Ansuz - wisdom and occult knowledge and god rune. Known as Odin's rune (the All Father of Scandinavian folklore who hanged from the world tree, upside down, and gained the knowledge of these runes, this language of the forest). This air rune signifies sacred breath and highest vibration.

"Green Man" (Odin-The One-Eyed Norse God) by Lori Taylor
Raido - makes things go, a rune of movement and horseback. In charge and in motion to control particular situations. A pathway to travel. The fire element of the beginning of new projects. (Another rune that has made it to the forefront lately.)
Kenaz - is the fire pit, the torch or bowl of light. (Pretty easy to see the symbolism here and light is pretty easy to interpret.)
Wunjo - Joy! Pleasure, fertility, gifts and light. (One can imagine this rune design as a torch or light or perhaps that triangle-like blade at the top before it falls and becomes the rune of chaos, Thurisaz :)

It's been fun to find these runes and drag out my old sketchbooks and recall the pictures I drew of each to help me remember their meaning. I find that with chaos comes balance (see above), something that has hit home closely with me and my family lately--let's face it, that dance of chaos and balance never ends! Yet, through this season of decreasing light, we still burn brightly as we make or purchase gifts to lift hearts and spirits. So it's only natural that Gebo has hopped into my mind and re-minded me of that give and take in order to stay in balance.

And so it is with light, joy and fire we go inside to stay warm recharge our batteries.  We have loaded up the groceries and the firewood and now we wait. (There is an excitement to this first real snowfall!) After the snow begins to cover the brown of the past years growth, we know that that brown will compost and fertilize bringing new life in only a few short months.

May you keep your fire burning through this energy consuming time and enjoy the quiet moments!
(Rest up, next week's runes are the 2nd Aett, forces that bring change!)

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  1. ooo,the Green Man. LOVE this illustration.