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Saturday, July 13, 2013

News and More News!

  • News flash! "Wise Sydney" has been released and is featured at this week! Written by Courtney Strimel and illustrated by Lori Taylor, ME! I will be working on another MeeGenius title this late August.

  • Heading to Beaver Island for none other than MUSEUM WEEK! Tuesday, July 16th I hit the shores of Lake Michigan's Beaver Island. Doing a library program in the awesome times ten Beaver Island District Library on the 17th and also selling and signing books at Gregg Hall in St. James Bay for the Museum Week Art Show the 17, 18, and 19th. 
  • Taking a long, long, long time for this big, big book about a big, big place! HOLLY WILD: Packing for the PORKIES! (Book 3) is moving along to make it fantastic. I have hopes for it to be released in August, but I will be happy with getting it put together and sent to the printer in August at this point. The Beaver Island trip has put a temporary kink in things. Then the Bear Track Studios/Press team heads out west to Theodore Roosevelt National Park for vaca in early to mid-August--that should be a rip roaring, rooting-tootin' time!

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