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Friday, April 13, 2012

Go Be a GeEK!

Spring is here! Go be a GeEK (Geo-Explorer Kid).  Earth Day is coming! Go be a GeEK. Arbor Day, Michigan Week, May Day, Birthday, any day...go be a GeEK! My granddaughter and my kids are GeEKS and so am I--and now many children in North Branch, MI are too.

How do you become a GeEK? Simple. Get up, get out, and get dirty and muddy, get wet and wild. Come to your senses! Wake up and smell the skunk cabbage, listen to the bees, taste a sun-soaked violet flower, feel the moss under your toes, and look--really look, at the world around you. Use binoculars, a microscope or hand lens--or just your own two eyes. Roll around and rejoice in your GeEKiness!

Sit under a tree. Splash in a vernal pool. Hike a ridge and "make like a tree"--stand tall, walk slowly, and stop often. Being a GeEK is not an aerobic sport. You can't really and truly enjoy and appreciate the natural world at a fast pace. Slow down. Take a collecting bag for goodies or garbage or both. Take a lunch, take a pack, take a pillow. Take a poking stick, a hiking stick. Take a friend--young or old. You are never too young or too old to be a GeEK!
GeEK Gear! Collection bag, bottles, hiking stick, pack and snack!

Sing to a butterfly--that tiny, blue spring azure that flits by. Or sing to the speedwell in your lawn--that tiny, blue flower growing close to the ground. Write about your GeEK time or draw it or a bit of it. Be friends with other GeEKS and talk about it. There is no shame in being a GeEK. So get up, get out and GO BE A...

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  1. There is no end to the fun and adventures one can find outdoors and in nature! I will always be a GeEK! :-)