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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Kyah!

Just like the days when it was hard to sit down and work on a painting, there are days when it is hard to sit down and write. Writing a book is not easy. But with teamwork it gets easier and gets done.

Writing is hard work. Beside multiple revisions, spell check and grammar check, planning and layout, not to mention promoting and marketing--there are a lot of hats to wear. (It's a dang good thing that I like to wear hats. I have a special hat hook in my office and studio just for them.) Anyway, throw in all of those jobs and then the illustrating part when you are author/ illustrator. Toss in part-time job and a pinch of family time, and I find my days, weeks, months are full.

Then I hear my granddaughter, Kyah, say something like, "Gram, my friends and I started a GeEK club in school." It melts my heart, melts my stress and makes me crawl back to the computer and continue writing. And I think, "This is what--or better, who, inspires me to write my Holly Wild series."
It is Kyah, and kids like her, who inspire me to write. She is so caring, so full of life and full of love. For family, animals, anyone she meets. She is my shinging star, and I am thankful and grateful for her every day.

She has had a tough time in this world, not the easy going life like my kids had. This kid started off a fighter as an infant. I rmember, the doctor coming in the room after her birth, that she had serious doubts of things coming out OK. Scary business!

Then Kyah went on to handle all kinds of familial issues and strife throughout the seven years of her sweet life. But always, she was strong, forgiving, accepting--loving. It helps that she's had a pretty danged good team help raise her. From ALL of her grandparents, to aunts and uncles and friends, Kyah has had undying support of those who love her--and what's not to love about a kid who has more wisdom, patience, intelligence and love than I've ever seen.

Kyah, is at the top of her class and is a pretty good dancer too. And being of artistic lineage--both sides of the family--she wows her family and teachers with her attention to fine detail. Already she is winning coloring contests in school and her drawings and humor sparkles. OK, you get it, the child is precious--like all of them. And so it is for her--them, I that I write. Kyah told me yesterday, as I called her for her 7th birthday, that she had to choose a favorite book in school and write and draw about it.

Of course, she chose Holly Wild. (Need to make her head of marketing that one!) She drew Tierra and Sierra and Holly--perfectly, she says. And that she drew Holly's hat button, "get up" and the others. Detail! I can't wait to see that drawing--it makes my heart skip. It also reminds me once again, that my books connect with kids.

For the few hours that I have their imaginations and minds, I had better say what I have to say correctly and in a humorous, loving way to teach them well. I am delivering story, art, nature and science and these kids will decide what they keep and what they will discard--so it better be good! These kids are the future stewards of the Earth, starting right now. This is an awesome responsibility and gift that I have to give. Gulp! Times ten! I wonder at times if I can deliver, but with my Team Wild behind me, I know they won't let me fail! I may trip or stumble on this book journey, but Kyah will help me up:) To that I say, "Thanks for being part of my team, Kyah!"

Happy Birthday Kyah! You rock!
Grandma Lori
Kyah "rocking out"

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  1. Wanted to let you know how much I loved reading this. She is a special, talented, fun, smart, creative.....(the list goes on and on. I could just keep coming up with words to describe her) girl. She LOVES Holly Wild and so do all her friends at school:) She carries her measuring stick to school every day so she ( and all her GeEK friends in the group) can measure and discover new finds each day. I hear stories of tracks and looking for poop and measurements each day after school. And just wanted to let you know how excited and proud she is each day to have you as her grandma. They still have the book at school ( sitting up on the teachers desk when I was in there Thursday). Read it at snack every day. I'm waiting for it to come home so I can read it:) But they all love it! She also told me yesterday, as we cleaned up her Fancy Nancy party, that we need to start planning her party for next year....the theme is Holly Wild she said!!!