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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Book is Born!

Yay! Hooplah! Celebration!
Holly Wild came home this week. What a long journey it has been for that kid--and me--and Bear Track Press!

A list of thank yous go out to Marie Rust and Lisa Ramlow--Team Taylor!
Thanks to Karin Fish--for fielding all of my InDesign questions--
and teaching me about 'em' dashes--and stuff.
To Kathleen Dougherty--thanks times ten. She has taught me much in the
nature realm for the last almost 30 years!
To my SCBWI Critter Crit group for looking over my ms. and
giving their helpful crit--times two!
Thanks to all!

So before I head off to Mackinac Island this weekend for the annual SCBWI-MI Fall Conference for Illustration Boot Camp, I've made sure that I've gotten all my ducks in a row. Holly's book has special buttons on my website to order books and here on my blog. She also has a Kid's Page with cool stuff for kids of all ages and her own Facebook page to keep you informed.
 And there will be school/libraryprograms, book signings and more in the future!

And you can bet Holly will have something to say about Mackinac Island in the future!

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