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Thursday, March 3, 2011

NEW Spring Release of LISSY-LOST!

I haven't gotten around to blogging in the last week because of the tumult of activity here at Bear Track Studios. Usually projects fly in and out the door, but this past week has been a doozie! Bear Track Press, now a new subsidiary of Bear Track Studios, LLC, is about to re-release, Lissy-Lost!


I wrote and illustrated
Lissy-Lost! over 8 years
ago, and as an idea and suggestion from friends, got the story published.
However, the original story came along 3 years
prior to the publishing. It was
all about three little old witches, then after taking classes at the Institute for Children's Literature, and my daughter's insistence, a child hero character entered the tale--Lissy.

THE NEW Witches Three

When it was decided this year to redo the book, the
race was on!  Lissy-Lost! went through somecosmetic
clean-up work and got a new face--new  cover, new art,
new publisher--all of which happened in the last 3 weeks!

This project, though fun, had me at my drawing table at
6am redoing and redesigning--everything. Then to
complete the book, it took MUCH work from many
people. Combining the time and talents of an excellent
editorial team (Lisa Ramlow, Marie Rust, and Karin Fish)
we had to rush to get this book finished in time for
school programs. 
What I've posted here are a few original scans of the new book art. The new characters have an updated, warm, humorous look. I had great fun in re-creating this new cast.

When I started playing around with Lissy's new look last year, I never imagined that the book would ever be redone (Publish America took it out of print). This year, when I started toying around with the serious notion of a Lissy-Lost! sequel I figured that they all needed a little primping.

THE NEW Twiggedy Jig

And so, next week, Lissy-Lost!, will once again, wander the wild with wonder!

PS: Many thanks Editorial Team!

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