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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cabin Fever? Go Hunting!

Birds at the feeder...

Lisa Making Fire...(tee-hee)

What are some things an artist can sketch while stuck inside during those post blizzard, pre-spring wintery days?

Go hunting! Sometimes the best material may be hidden out in the open or sitting right next to you!

Lisa Napping...(tee-hee)

WARNING! Those living with artists have to put up with us sketching them when they least expect it. It's fun for us having ready models at beck and call.

Then again you can always sit and stare at the four walls or chimney bricks and find scenes hidden there. I did these last winter recuperating from my toe surgery. It was like artist television--sitting in the winter quiet and letting the shadows and your imagination do all the work.
BTW, we are NOT nuts, we are creative!
Ideas for Graphic Novel Story and Character!

What will you and your sketchbook find in the
shadows or corners in the next few weeks?

A Stalking Quilt Lion!

There maybe a character
or story waiting to be told right there in front of you!
Set your sights. Happy hunting!

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