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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Autumn Zoo Sketches

Heading to the zoo for a pre-Halloween photo shoot and sketch. What better way to practice sketching than on moving animals! This puts your patience and hands to the test.

Elk pair resting.

Brown bear looking around.
 Gesture sketching is the only way to capture these scenes. I don't even have to tell you how valuable the sketches are later on. You can capture resting and not so resting animals. Your hand records the movement as it happens.

Fiesta fun--wolverine and pinata.
While watching the wolverines, Marie had to reload a camera card while I sketched the playful pair wrassling a pinata. She missed that shot--I sketched. Of course, later on, I was quite thankful for her photos for wolverine details. But there is no replacing that attitude and gesture when it comes to illustrating animals.
Needless to say, the wolverines were the highlight of my day.

Restless weasel--try sketchig a wolverine in motion.
All in all, it was a lucky day for me. For all the times I had been to the zoo, I'd never seen this duo so animated. This dynamic Gulo gulo duo were a pure delight to watch and LISTEN to. From grunts and groans, to snarls and happy snapping jaws as they ripped apart pumpkins.

Full of spunk, the beautiful wolverine.
So grab your sketchbook, drop everything and draw. Any season will do. The more diverse the better. Visit the zoo or local nature center, your subjects await!

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